“Family Day”, Rome: 2 million citizens rally against re-definition of marriage and family

161227434-f8d57176-7939-48e7-858c-8bb10672d0bdA clear message to Matteo Renzi: don’t fool around with marriage and family. At the time of writing this, around two million citizens are manifesting their peaceful protest against the Italian government’s intention to legally recognize “civil unions” between homosexual partners, a measure that would constitute a first step towards the recognition of same-sex “marriages”.

The participation in this manifestation is impressive for a country with around 55 million inhabitants: it means that 1 out of each 25 Italians is present at the Circo Massimo, even though many had to travel several hundreds of miles (which demonstrates their strong motivation to stand up for something that s very important to them). One may safely conclude that this rally evidences a strong disapproval of wide swathes of Italian society against the government’s attempt to deconstruct  the institutions that form the basis of a healthy society.

The high turnout is all the more impressive because in the run-up to the event, the Italian Catholic bishops, put under pressure by the notoriously “politically correct” Pope Francis (who is known to be personally opposed to homo-“marriage”, but nevertheless prefers to remain vague and ambiguous when criticising it in public), has expressed its support only in a rather reserved manner. Apparently the defense of marriage and family today is not anymore merely a “Catholic” cause, but widely shared by many other groups, including Jews, Protestants, atheists, and others.

Being pro-family is, as it appears, pure commonsense.