Switzerland: pro-marriage initiative narrowly defeated

739860_1_flagge_schweiz_fahne_fullSize_1.8667649.1292317648Regrettably, the popular initiative proposing an amendment to the Swiss Federal Constitution to clarify that marriage is a union between a man and a woman was today very narrowly defeated in a referendum by  49.2% vs. 50.8%. In a clear majority of the country’s 26 cantons the majority of the population voted, however, in favour of the amendment. It was the vote in major agglomerations such as Zurich, Geneva, Basel, and Berne that tilted the outcome into a bad direction. Continue reading “Switzerland: pro-marriage initiative narrowly defeated”


Bad behaviour at the EP

This incident happened already some weeks ago (on 25 January, to be exact), but it is worth being recorded here. The man whose disruptive behaviour is spinning completely out of control is Louis Michel, a former Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs  and former EU Commissioner. His son Charles is currently the Prime Minister of Belgium.

Quite astonishing that a man with such lack of manners was able to climb to such heights in both domestic and European politics.


The hen toilet

hentoa1-jpgThe University of Uppsala, which is considered the most prestigious academic institution in Sweden, has decided to build a “hen toilet”. The word ‘hen’ was artificially created and introduced into the Swedish language by a parliamentary decision some years ago; it is sexually neutral new pronoun for people who don’t want to be referred to as ‘he’ or ‘she’.

Of course there are many toilets in the world that are used by persons of both sexes. This one, however, seems to be the first one that is reserved exclusively to persons who identify neither as male nor as female.

The only question is: on the above image, which was released by the University to inform us about this important innovation, who is the hen? Is it the female-looking person? Or the winged one?


Italian Senate votes for homo-unions (without adoption, without mutual commitments, but with tax privileges)

alfano-renzi-1-707831Even a small step into a wrong direction is a step into the wrong direction.

There is therefore no reason to rejoice in the fact that the silly “civil unions” law that the Italian Senate has approved today is much less bad than its authors originally intended. On the contrary, there is reason to believe that a more determined – resistance in particular by the Church hierarchy, but also by politicians describing themselves as Catholic, might have averted the approval of this legislative abnormity even in its watered-down form. As it appears, the destroyers of society and culture have today made another step forward, and as they progress, they will continue believing that history is on their side. Continue reading “Italian Senate votes for homo-unions (without adoption, without mutual commitments, but with tax privileges)”

Portugal: Left-wing majority delivers innocent children into the hands of abortionists and sodomites

041009_GayParents_hd.hmediumThe veto of President Anibal Cavaco Silva could only delay, but not prevent the adoption of two profoundly evil laws by the left-wing government currently ruling Portugal. One of the new laws liberalizes abortion, whereas the others makes it possible for same-sex couples to create artificial “families” through the adoption of children. Continue reading “Portugal: Left-wing majority delivers innocent children into the hands of abortionists and sodomites”

Populism in the word’s truest sense: the reasons for Angela Merkel’s stance on immigration

shitstorm-gegen-merkel-nach-gespraech-ohne-empathieIt has become habitual for the German federal government to describe all critics of its policy to allow a nearly un-trolled influx of illegal to enter the country as “populists”. But in fact the term “populism” provides the key for understanding Angela Merkel’s own policy on this issue, which otherwise, being completely adverse to Germany’s and Europe’s political and economic interests, would remain unintelligible.

Angela Merkel is the quintessential populist politician. This is what explains her success in the last ten years – but this is also what will lead to her downfall. Indeed, the explanation of Germany’s migration crisis is a surprisingly simple one: Angela Merkel has been trapped by her own populist approach to politics. She mistook the published opinion for the public opinion, and/or was surprised when the public opinion shifted more swiftly than she could follow. Continue reading “Populism in the word’s truest sense: the reasons for Angela Merkel’s stance on immigration”

Romania: now it’s 2.1 million signatures for marriage and family!

f4a5c-coalitiaUpdate on the civil petition for a constitutional amendment to clarify that marriage is nothing else but a union between a man and a woman: after 9 weeks the organizers have already collected 2.1 million signatures.

This is roughly 10% of Romania’s entire population, toddlers included. An amazing result for such a citizens’ initiative. The organizers have stated that they will for the time being continue with the collection, although the 500.000 signatures that they would have had to collect within 6 months have already been far exceeded.