Mass-immigration: can we return to rationality and proportionality, please?

The increased presence of Islam in Europe and the fear of mass immigration are leading German politicians to hyperventilate. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and nearly the entire political spectrum to the left of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) try to solve the problem by denying it, claiming that it will be no problem to integrate the one million or more Islamic migrants that have reached the country in 2015, and the many more that are expected to arrive this year.

But the national-conservative “Alternative für Deutschland”, a new political group that has emerged just recently to give a voice to the rapidly increasing Euro-scepticism and concern over uncontrolled mass immigration among the German electorate is right now doing all it can to undermine its own credibility as a possible alternative to Mrs. Merkel’s policy of unrestrictedly open borders. The leader of the group, Frauke Petry, has asserted that the border police should prevent illegal immigration “if necessary through the use of firearms”, and her deputy, MEP Beatrix von Storch, has added that this might also apply to women and children who seek to cross the border illegally.

Even if we have on other occasions praised Mrs. von Storch for her courageous defence of pro-life and pro-family positions in the EP, this is, of course, horrible nonsense. It corresponds neither to the current legal situation, nor is it morally acceptable.

Sure enough, it is absolutely uncontroversial that a country has the right to use force, including the use of firearms, to defend itself against an armed invasion. And sure enough, this applies irrespectively of the age or sex of the armed invaders. But in the current immigration crisis, the illegal migrants are, in their vast majority, arriving unarmed. Their immigration may be illegal, but using firearms against them would be grossly disproportionate.

So, the border guards may use physical force to stop and get hold of illegal immigrants. They may arrest them, put them into camps, keep them there, and refoul them. But they must not shoot at unarmed people! Never ever!!

There is some reasonable middle ground between letting everyone in without hindrance and shooting at unarmed paupers.

It needed to be said.