Radical homo-activist paddling back

Peter TatchellOne can hardly imagine a more radical promoter of homo-ideology than Peter Tatchell, founder of the direct action group “OutRage!”.  But even he has now publicly acknowledged that the decision by a law court in Northern Ireland to impose a fine on a Christian-owned bakery that refused to bake a cake with the slogan “support gay marriage” on it was wrong.

Tatchell has openly praised the absurd judgement when it was made. However, it is now on appeal and it is very likely that it will be overturned, as it has clearly transpired that the bakery’s reason for turning down the order was not that the man placing it was gay (they had sold him many cakes before), but that they didn’t agree with his slogan.

In Northern Ireland the law does not provide the possibility for two sodomites to “marry” each other. Sodo-“marriage” is therefore a political cause that people may, or may not, support.

Tatchell explains his volte-face with the fact that he wants to “defend freedom of conscience, expression and religion”. More likely however is that the man does not want to be seen standing on the losing side.