United Nations’ homo-activism reflects personal opinions of UN bureaucrats, not the position of the UN and its Member States

On Turtle Bay and Beyond there is an interesting article by Stefano Gennarini, in which he recounts the latest episode in the saga of the United Nations’ attempt to promote the legalization of sodomy and other sexual deviances as the golden standard of “human rights”: the issuing of a series of post stamps with the slogan “United Nations for LGBT Equality”.

As Gennarini points out, 76 UN Member States,  (which is nearly one half of the organization’s constituency) currently have laws that place sodomy under criminal sanctions.

That is to say, they not only do not consider it worthy to make it the subject of absurd “nuptial” celebrations, but they actually consider it a criminal act that deserves punishment. And for good reasons: it does not lead to the procreation of new life, but only to the propagation of diseases. It disregards the dignity of the human body, turning the human body into a mere instrument for sexual gratification.

Other countries tolerate sodomy, but only a minority believe it is a “right”.

One of the stamps, depicted here, has even the bad taste of depicting the abuse of a young girl by a same-sex couple.

It goes by itself that the absurd stamp series does not reflect any official position of the United Nations, or its Member States. It also cannot be considered as expressing an official position of the UN bureaucracy, given that the institutions of the UN are bound to act within the scope of their mandate. The UN has no mandate to promote the de-criminalisation of sodomy.

So, who is responsible? Apparently the driving force behind this apparent misuse is a small number of individual UN bureaucrats, some of which are named in Gennarini’s article. Their action is backed up by a small number of Member States, among them notoriously the Obama-led United States, and several EU countries.

As Gennarini reports, a group of countries, spearheaded by Belarus, Qatar, and Egypt sent a letter to the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon asking that he stop the issuance of the stamps and cancel the unveiling event. The letter said the promotion of LGBT rights was a “deeply controversial agenda” and that there was no mandate for it. Yesterday Nigeria issued a stern reprimand ahead of the unveiling. Up to 87 countries have reportedly informed the Secretary General of their displeasure with this latest effort to promote LGBT rights with no reply from the Secretary General issued yet.