Family Day 2016, Rome: watch the full-length video

Il-prato-del-Circo-Massimo-per-il-Family-Day-990x610For those who would have wished to join the 2 million people manifesting last Saturday in Rome’s Circo Massimo area to defend marriage and the family, but weren’t able to, here is at least a video with all speeches – and with images that give an impression of the huge, but peaceful and serene crowd.

The event is in Italian (no subtitles) but it is also of European significance: At 1:25:00 you can see the speech of Zeljka Markic, a Croatian journalist who was one of the main organizers of the petition for the popular referendum that, much against the will of the country’s post-communist political caste, resulted in the inclusion into the Constitution of an amendment that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Mrs Markic closes her speech by mentioning that just a few weeks after that referendum the country’s President, an ex-Communist and staunch supporter of homo-“marriage”, was voted out of office. And just a few months later the same happened to the Prime Minister, another ex-Communist and supporter of homo-“marriage”. The crowd jubilares: this is what it wants to see happening to Matteo Renzi, Italy’s current Prime Minister.

Immediately following thereafter, you can see the intervention of Edit Frivaldszky from Hungary, a mother of three, who is the leader of the group that has launched the Europe-wide citizens’ initiative “Mum Dad & Kids” to push for the protection of marriage and the family at European level. Visibly, the Italians are keen to sign the initiative as soon as it will be available on-line. According to rumours this could be the case as early as next week.