Keep an eye on your daughters, they might be stolen…

china_policy2_810_500_55_s_c1The devastating effects of China’s “population planning” policies are evidenced by a photo gone viral on the internet: waiting together in Beijing Capital International Airport, Chen Yen has handcuffed himself to his little girl to ensure she is not kidnapped for use as a future bride.

“I don’t care about pickpockets, but I do care very much about losing my daughter”, said Mr. Chen. Abductions of girls are frequent in China as a result of the government-imposed birth control policies, which have resulted in a huge amount of sex-selective abortions, also known as gendercide. It is estimated that currently the gender ratio among children is 100 girls for each 130 boys – which effectively means that 30% of the male population will never find a bride.

This is what is bound to happen when politicians and civil servants believe they know better than nature.

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