Germany: sodomy among humans may be ok, but sodomizing animals isn’t, says Constitutional Court

01Germany’s Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) has released a decision according which a provision in the country’s criminal code prohibiting sex with animals is not violating fundamental rights.  A complaint that had been filed by two complainants who considered that the criminal ban on sex with animals impinged on their “right to sexual self-determination” was found manifestly unfounded and was rejected without a hearing being held.

The Court justified this decision by saying that the welfare of animals takes precedence over the sexual appetites of humans.

Regrettably, much less consideration than to the welfare of animals is currently given to human beings, e.g. to children who are exposed to homosexual propaganda and recruitment, including through “sex education” classes at school.  However, today’s decision is important in that it at least allows the conclusion that “sexual self-determination” does not (yet) supersede everything else. It remains to be seen what else, besides the welfare of animals, might set limits to it.