This is the money that the European Commission is shovelling into the pockets of Planned Parenthood

EU Health Commissioner Neven Mimica has replied with unusual candor to a written enquiry by some MEPs who wanted to know the exact amount of funding the baby-butchering syndicate Planned Parenthood is receiving from the European Commission. Annexed to his reply are two tables in which one can read the amounts that were paid out as well as the pretexts that were used.

The stated purposes, such as “combating family-based violence in Afghanistan”, “Human and Social Development”, or again “Fight against violence”, sound very benevolent, but the reality that these terminologies seek to conceal is the radical opposite of what they suggest. In fact, Planned Parenthood does hardly anything else than abortion and services ancillary to it. And abortion, rather than contributing to human development, is the quintessential act of (family-based) violence: it takes the life of an innocent baby.

The amounts quoted in the Commissioner’s reply add up to around 20 million Euro over the last ten years.