Portugal: Left-wing majority delivers innocent children into the hands of abortionists and sodomites

041009_GayParents_hd.hmediumThe veto of President Anibal Cavaco Silva could only delay, but not prevent the adoption of two profoundly evil laws by the left-wing government currently ruling Portugal. One of the new laws liberalizes abortion, whereas the others makes it possible for same-sex couples to create artificial “families” through the adoption of children.

Although homo-lobbyists claim that same-sex couples can be as good parents as everyone else, there is ample evidence that points to the opposite direction, including the testimonials of many who as children were directly affected.

The adoption of orphan children is an easy way for sodomites to recruit new members into their community. As is very well known, every child goes, prior to its puberty, through a phase in which it shows no interest in the other sex. This phase is a necessary step in a person’s development, as it helps the child to first discover its own sexual identity as male or female, before engaging in relations with the other sex. This stage of development is an ideal opportunity for homos to manipulate the conscience and self-consciousness of   a child they hold in their custody, and to draw it into their vice.

It will probably take many more testimonials of those affected to make the ideologized and irresponsible left-wingers understand the injustice they are doing to the poor children.