The dangers of religion and other world-views

Just two days after the terrorist attacks in which Muslim suicide bombers killed 35 people in Brussels and severely injured hundreds more, and two days before Z0 people – most of them women and children, and most of them Christians – were killed in Pakistan by a bomb blast for which the Taliban claim the authorship, the German weekly “Der Spiegel” has published a title page with the headline “The Misused Faith –  Dangerous Return of Religion”. The image on the title page is a strange potpourri: one sees the black flags of IS somewhere in the background, but all the remaining religious symbols are Christian: a fist holding a crucifix, Vladimir Putin conversing with a Russian bishop, a woman holding a poster with the image of Christ, and Donald Trump (seriously!) holding a book that apparently is the Bible. One Islamic symbol and four Christian ones to illustrate the thesis that religions are spurring political fanaticism and therefore must be qualified as “dangerous”.

And as it appears from the choice of illustrations, Christianity must be four times more “dangerous” than Islam. Continue reading “The dangers of religion and other world-views”


Homo activist pretends he is fighting for children’s rights

There is apparently no level of hypocrisy that homo-activists are going to shirk away from when it comes to find new arguments for their so-called “marriage equality”.

Helmut Graupner, a homosexual attorney from Austria who has in recent years been particularly successful in bringing complaints to the European Human Rights Court that provided the pretext for the ECtHR’s absurd and legally unfounded judicial activism on new homo-rights, is at it again. This time he has filed a complaint to the Regional Administrative Court of Upper Austria on the grounds that a female same-sex couple he represents have not received a marriage licence. He hopes that the Administrative Court will use this as a pretext to request the Constitutional Court to declare unconstitutional the law according which only a man and a woman can marry. Continue reading “Homo activist pretends he is fighting for children’s rights”

US Elections: the choice between the greatest and the second greatest evil

hillary-clinton-a-10241-530x398One month into the primaries, the number of candidates from which the next President of the United States will be chosen has narrowed down to four. On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton enjoys a comfortable lead over left-winger Bernie Sanders, while the race for the Republican ticket appears to be a tad narrower, with Donald Trump nevertheless clearly ahead of Ted Cruz.

Donald vs. Hillary is thus the likely set-up, and this should fill us all with grave concern. Neither of the two is even remotely desirable as a leader for the world’s single remaining super-power. Continue reading “US Elections: the choice between the greatest and the second greatest evil”

With its fashionable LGBT-ideology, FRA tramples on the right to health of homosexuals and endangers their health

Imagine a public authority said that measles or pneumonia were no diseases, and that those attained by these conditions should learn to live with them. Obviously, we would think that those making such statements must have gone mad.

But the fashionable LGBT-ideology that much of the EU’s political and administrative elite is adhering to is doing just this. Continue reading “With its fashionable LGBT-ideology, FRA tramples on the right to health of homosexuals and endangers their health”

Victory for human dignity: PACE rejects controversial De Sutter Report

inside surrogacy edm 620 x 250A narrow but important victory of human dignity over the commercialization of the human body: a controversial document promoting the legalization of surrogacy, the so-called De Sutter Report, has been rejected by 16-15 votes in the Social and Health Committee of the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly (PACE). Continue reading “Victory for human dignity: PACE rejects controversial De Sutter Report”

First ONE OF US Forum held in Paris

one_of_us_logo_02This Saturday, March 12, the new ONE OF US Federation has organized the 1st ONE OF US Forum for its first major public launch in Paris at Salle Gaveau. 1200 participants from the 28 European countries, 31 national organizations, high-ranking political officials, health and legal experts joined at this first-of-a-kind event in Europe. Read the full report here.