Feminist ideology hates all things female and kills women

Today is the “International Women’s Day”, a secular celebration originally invented by Communists that was first declared a public holiday in the Soviet Union , and nowadays has found its way, one does not quite understand how, into the UN’s and EU’s annual rituals. Cultural Communism manifesting itself.

As we have already  explained on one of the permanent pages on this website, Feminism is Marxism in new clothing: a class struggle of allegedly oppressed females against their alleged male oppressors. In this world view, masculinity and femininity are not mutually supportive; they do not complement each other to form something greater that transcends both of them. Instead, they are put against each other – thus pushing the world into a permanent and unlimited civil war of female against male.

Quite paradoxically, what seems to underpin this bizarre and dangerous ideology is not the appreciation of femininity, but its depreciation. The hidden sense of “equality” is that women should be men. The diversity of sexual organs may have to be accepted, but in every other aspect women should “ascend” to fit into male role models, and men should be reduced to women. Whatever is intrinsically female is utterly despised.

What is despised more than everything else is motherhood, which is naturally and intrinsically linked to female sexuality. According to the feminist ideology, motherhood is a prison from which women must be liberated.

Hence the preposterous claim for a “right to abortion”. The liberation of women can, as it seems, only be acquired at the price of mass murder, just like the “class-less society” could only be acquired through the physical liquidation of the upper classes.

The tragedy is: not only is femininity what Feminists hate most, but indeed it is girls who are the first victims of abortion, given that female fetuses are disproportionately more often aborted than male ones.

The Feminists know this, of course. And they accept it.