Crystal Meth and Chem-Sex Parties: what the “gay” lifestyle really looks like

2-format6001Volker Beck, Germany’s most prominent gay-rights-activist (and certainly one of the most notorious homo-campaigners worldwide) has been caught by the Berlin police when he was leaving the flat of a suspected drug dealer they had under observation. He had 0.6 g of Crystal Meth in his possession. Following this incident, he resigned from all his political functions except his mandate to the Bundestag, which provides him an income and which therefore he does not want to give up. He has gone on sick leave for 4 weeks, remaining unavailable for reporters wishing to ask him questions. His hope apparently is that after those 4 weeks the public attention will have shifted back to other issues such as immigration or the Euro crisis, so he might return to the political scene with not too many further questions asked. His colleagues from the Green Party, rigorous only when it comes to judging others, have already ventilated that a human rights campaigner like Volker Beck deserves a second chance. (Or even a third one, considering that he was forced to give up his post as a leader of the parliamentary group in the Bundestag when it turned out that he had lied about his involvement in pushing for a legalization of sexual child abuse.)

But what is far more interesting than Mr. Beck’s further career development is the sudden insights that the German public has received with regard to the so-called “gay” lifestyle.

Politicians like Volker Beck always seek to make the world believe that “gays are like everyone else, just with a different sexual orientation”, and that therefore already children at school should be educated to think that “being gay is normal” (and perhaps an option they should try out for themselves). Socialists, Communists, Liberals and Greens are consistent in pushing for this in the European Parliament, as well as in the parliaments of most European countries.

The drug affair however provides us with a glimpse at the reality of homosexual lifestyles. And it is very different from the nice and harmless petit-bourgeois image that is being sought.

What did Volker Beck want to do with the drug? Crystal Meth is not just any drug, but it is one of the most aggressive drugs currently known, leading to quasi immediate addiction and, in very short time, to the complete transformation and destruction of the addict. Observers find it improbable that Mr. Beck himself has been using the drug, as this would hardly have gone unnoticed by the people working with him, or with the general public. The suspicion is thus that he had bought the drug for someone else, possibly a call-boy whose services he was intending to pay in this way. This would make him not a drug-user who is destroying himself, but a drug dealer who is destroying others.

As several German newspapers (such as this) have in the meantime reported, so-called Chem-Sex Parties with Crystal Meth are currently the dernier cri in Berlin’s “gay” scene, because it increases sexual energy, enabling people to have sex for two days without interruption. It also reduces pain sensitivity, which is useful for those engaging, as homosexuals typically do, in anal sex. There are reports about addicts who further increase the effect of the drug by methods such as “slamming”: on Friday they take an intravenous injection and then they have sex until Monday. From Monday to Friday they stay in bed to recover, and then begin from anew.

These are the circles that Mr. Beck has been frequenting, and this is the lifestyle that one can encounter there. And while no one denies that drug abuse and unusual sex habits pertain to a person’s private life, we certainly should feel pity for Mr. Beck: addiction, be it in respect to drugs or to sex, is a path that inevitably leads to unhappiness.

But who are the parents who want this for their children? One has reason to ask whether we should really listen to politicians like Mr. Beck when they start telling us about the sexual education that should be part of every school curriculum…