Commission to participate in Amsterdam homo-parade?

amsterdamTo the delight of the international homo-lobby, and to the astonishment of everyone else, the European Commission has announced that it will participate in the Amsterdam Gay Pride parade this year. This is one of the biggest events of this kind, where sodomites and other sexual diversoids from all over the world exhibit themselves, affirming pride over what normal people would feel ashamed for.

This is happening at a moment when citizens are petitioning the Commission to recognize marriage between a man and a woman, and the family based on such marriage, as the role model that is conducive to the common good.

It is not yet clear who will sit in the Commission’s boat (is it voluntary? or will some civil servants be ordered to be there?), or whether the Commission’s representatives will adapt to the outfit and behavioral pattern for which the event is renowned. However, President Juncker’s known habit of kissing, fondling, groping, slapping, or otherwise seeking close body contact to other politicians would without doubt look less inappropriate on the Amsterdam homo-celebration than it does in Brussels.