EU/Turkey: Not a very clever deal

davutoglu_merkel_0So it seems that the EU and Turkey have agreed that Turkey will take back persons that, coming from Turkey, have illegally entered the EU via the Aegean … in exchange for an equal amount of “legal” immigrants who will be selected in Turkish refugee camps.

In other words, the number of immigrants will not be reduced.

It is unclear who will make the selection of “legal” immigrants, and how.

It is unclear what will happen if the influx of illegal migrants to the EU from Turkey remains at similar levels as in 2015.

It is unclear whether Turkey will have to take any “illegal” migrants if there are not sufficient “legal” ones to substitute them.

It is however clear that the agreement concerns only the Aegean sea border, but not any illegal migrants that reach the EU on land.

In exchange for this non-reduction of Arab immigrants, Turkey gets 6 billion Euros (for “projects, not for refugee camps!) and visa-free travel.

This means that another 70 million Muslims may travel visa-free into the EU.

With this deal, Angela Merkel hopes to re-gain the confidence of the German public (and of the Austrian, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovene, Croat public as well…).


If this were not a tragedy, we’d laugh.