Homo activist pretends he is fighting for children’s rights

There is apparently no level of hypocrisy that homo-activists are going to shirk away from when it comes to find new arguments for their so-called “marriage equality”.

Helmut Graupner, a homosexual attorney from Austria who has in recent years been particularly successful in bringing complaints to the European Human Rights Court that provided the pretext for the ECtHR’s absurd and legally unfounded judicial activism on new homo-rights, is at it again. This time he has filed a complaint to the Regional Administrative Court of Upper Austria on the grounds that a female same-sex couple he represents have not received a marriage licence. He hopes that the Administrative Court will use this as a pretext to request the Constitutional Court to declare unconstitutional the law according which only a man and a woman can marry.

In Austria same-sex couples can conclude a “registered partnership”, which gives them similar (far too similar!) rights and status as those enjoyed by a married couple. But what is far too much “equality” for any reasonable person is apparently still to little for the homo-lobby. The reason is that what they are after is not the well-being of homosexuals, but the destruction of marriage as an institution.

The summit of hypocrisy is that Mr. Graupner believes that he can use “children’s rights” as an argument to overturn the marriage law. According to him, the current legal situation is unfair because “it means that the children of same-sex couples are forced to grow up out of wedlock”.

Really, this is the argument that this shameless man dares to bring to the court. And the trouble is that in some courts judges are stupid enough to accept such nonsense. Or perhaps they have been beaten into submission by the mass media’s drum-beating…

But the simple fact is: same-sex couples do not have children. If a child lives in a household with a same-sex couple, then it can at best be the child that one of the two partners has from a previous relationship with a person of the opposite sex, or it is the child of neither of them.

And this is precisely why marriage between a man and a woman is a special institution that should enjoy special rights: because it is the only institution that allows a child to grow up with both the man who is its father and the woman who is its mother.

It is the legalization of divorce that discriminates children. It is surrogacy and the fabrication of children in-vitro with “donated” gametes that discriminate children. In fact, everything that Mr. Graupner is pushing for is one big, fat, horrible discrimination of children, depriving them of their fundamental right to grow up with both their real parents.

And the man has the cheek of suggesting that he is defending children’s rights!

Really, this is disgusting.