Freedom of speech is not freedom to insult

boehmermanninjailIf his real objective was merely to get worldwide media attention, Jan Böhmermann has done the right thing.

In Germany, as elsewhere, there is increasing criticism of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose style of governance is more and more perceived as dictatorial. (This perception is very different from what it used to be not long ago. Back in 2004 he even was awarded the title of “European of the Year” by the readership of European Voice, a liberal weekly that has since been absorbed by POLITICO.) But in Germany more than elsewhere this criticism of the Turkish president raises delicate diplomatic issues, given the great number of ethnic Turks living in the country and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s controversial policy to put the management of Europe’s immigration problem into the hands of the Turkish government. Continue reading “Freedom of speech is not freedom to insult”


Where is the outcry of the anti-discrimination fanatics?

trimmelLast year we reported about an incident in Vienna in which the owner of a café politely asked to women to continue their French kisses and other expressions of mutual sexual attraction elsewhere than on his premises, as the other visitors of the café were not keen on being witnesses of this exchange  of intimacies. Oh horror, two “LGBT persons” had become the victims of “discrimination”! Obviously, this lead to an outcry of the international LGBT-lobby, the vandalization of the entrance of the café, a concerted protest on Facebook, and a big “kiss-in” (which actually took on quite aggressive forms) right in front of the café. And of course, the usual politicians calling for stricter “anti-discrimination” rules. Continue reading “Where is the outcry of the anti-discrimination fanatics?”

And here it is: ILGA-Europe’s secret strategy against the pro-family ECI “Mum Dad & Kids”!

This document was found on the website of a “Gay Rights” lobby group from Northern Ireland, where it had apparently been put without heeding the request of the ILGA strategists to keep it secret:

(you can click on it to enlarge)

Nigra Capture


Several questions come to mind:

  • Has the Commission replied to ILGA’s complaint letter? If so, what?
  • Did Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans, who is known to entertain close links with the homo-lobby, accord them the meeting they requested? If so, what was the outcome? Are there any written records of that meeting?
  • Has the group “Certi Diritti” actually filed a complaint with the CJEU? If so, has this complaint already been communicated to the European Commission?
  • Should the European Commission continue financing 80% of the operative budget of a group that is collecting information on EU citizens with the apparent purpose of a defamatory campaign? Can ILGA’s actions be justified by their spurious claim to be working for “equality and non-discrimination”?

EP Sodomists call for suspension of Lithuania’s membership rights under Art. 7 TEU

The EU is currently in a deep crisis, and with the upcoming Brexit referendum risks losing one of its biggest and economically strongest Member States. At the same time, media report that if such a referendum were to be held in Sweden, the outcome would probably be that most Swedes would vote against EU membership.

But the Brussels bulb continues behaving as if it were a great privilege for everyone to be governed by them – a privilege that can be withdrawn from those who do not “behave well”. If the promoters of sodomy inside the European Parliament – aka the LGBT Intergroup – had their will, the EU would probably have to launch procedures under Article 7 TEU, which may result in a suspension of membership rights, against every second Member State. You may take it for granted that they would want to have such a procedure started against Hungary and Poland sooner rather than later. But their latest victim is Lithuania. Continue reading “EP Sodomists call for suspension of Lithuania’s membership rights under Art. 7 TEU”

Judicial activism infiltrates CJEU

The appointment of new judges to the EU’s General Court normally does not catch much public attention, but this time it may be different. As one reads on the Court’s website, Dean Spielmann from Lxembourg is one of five judges who have been appointed to serve at the General Court for the period from 13 April 2016 to 31 August 2016.

This is an extremely short period. In actual fact such an appointment makes only sense if it is then prolonged for a full term. This is thus, as we read, only the first step of a reform that will lead to a considerable increase in the number of judges.

Does the name Spielmann ring a bell? Continue reading “Judicial activism infiltrates CJEU”