Homo-lobby has no arguments – except brutish force

12593871_1700709286810178_6899798236133150846_o1“Outraged” by the fact that citizens have dared to use their democratic right  to launch a petition in support of a constitutional amendment that supports marriage and family, a group of hooligans with sexual orientation problems has vandalized a signature collection stand on Bucharests Unirii square and then put a report on the internet in which they boast about this criminal act.

Having no rational arguments to defend their cause, it is typical for the militant homo-lobby to use intimidation and physical violence against their opponents.

Yet another reason for many Romanians to support the proposed amendment. The collection of signatures has in the meanwhile been stopped long before the official term, with more than 2.8 million statements of support (instead the required 500.000) having been collected within just a few weeks.