MUM DAD & KIDS now open for signatures.

LOGO horizontalThe citizens’ committee organizing the European Citizens’ Initiative “Mum Dad & Kids” has announced that the one-year-period during which statements of support can be collected for the initiative begins today. As the committee intends to use the full one-year-period provided for by Regulation 211/2011, the collection of signatures will therefore end on 3 April 2017.

While the stated purpose of the initiative is to request the EU to adopt a horizontal legislative act to clarify, for the entire scope of EU law, that marriage is a union between one man and one woman and that family is defined through marriage and descent, it is unlikely that the European Commission, who is known to be a supporter of radical social agendas, will actually support such a measure, even if thirty or more million signatures were to be collected. Indeed, the Commission’s less than satisfying reaction to the European Parliament’s request to improve the functioning of, and responsiveness to, European Citizens’ Initiatives (ECIs) shows that the EU’s executive is not very keen on seeing the ECI being developed into a full-fledged instrument of participatory democracy. In any case, however, the new ECI is a perfect occasion for European citizens to send a message not only to the EU institutions, but also to their national parliaments and governments: marriage and the family are the foundational institutions of human society, and no government, at European or national level, has the right to subject them to arbitrary re-definitions and irresponsible experimentations.  MDK Capture

European citizens wishing to support the Initiative should pay a visit to the website

where they may sign the initiative online. In addition, they find relevant information in 15 European languages (further languages will be added in due course). There is also the possibility to download formsheets for the collection of signatures on paper (e.g. among friends, on the streets, or in parishes or similar venues), or to support the ECI through a donation.