What cheap propaganda looks like…

A group of around 20 feminists opposing a new legislative proposal to ban abortion is, one should think, about as interesting and newsworthy as a sack of rice having been reported stolen somewhere in China. Yet the British newspaper “The Guardian” runs a story on this, complete with a video.

What the news outlet apparently wants its naive and uninformed readers to take away from this is that this was a “spontaneous” reaction to the Catholic Church’s endorsement of the proposal, and that similar protests took place all over the country with similar spontaneity wherever the Bishops’ letter to the faithful was read out.

In actual fact, however, there were no such spontaneous protests. What the Guardian is reporting is a staged event. (Did you really believe that it was just “by accident” that a camera team and reporters of the left-wing paper “Gazeta Wyborcza” were present???)

Elsewhere the Guardian reports that “thousands of people have attended a pro-choice rally outside parliament in Warsaw”. How many thousands? Two or three thousand? Of course, all such figures are always rough estimates – but when a newspaper that completely identifies with the rally’s agenda writes that “thousands” have participated in it, then there is every reason to believe that that rally must have been pretty insignificant.

What the Guardian fails to mention even with one word is that it was not the oh-so-ill-reputed-and-un-European right-wing government (yes, exactly the same one that already is under threat of EU sanctions...) that has proposed the bill, but that in fact there is not yet any bill at all. What we are speaking about is a petition, emanating from civil society, which has to be treated in Parliament once it gets the endorsement of more than 100.000 citizens. So far, the Sejm has not even registered it…

Being pro-life is completely mainstream in Polish society, and the petition will certainly draw much larger support than the marginal feminist groups that the Guardian wants to mis-represent as the true voice of Polish civil society.

Dear reader, if so far you have been a subscriber of the Guardian, you should seriously consider to cancel your subscription. The producers of this news paper apparently think that its readers are a bunch of highly gullible morons who deserve to be manipulated rather than informed. And that is not what you are, is it??