Germany: pedophilia-promoting drug addict gets another chance

He has deserved a second chance. In fact, a third one.

Volker Beck, Member of the German Bundestag, and in this function the country’s leading campaigner for sodomy, sodo-marriage, and other “human rights”, is back.

Some weeks ago the well-known politician, who is reputed for his high moral standards (which – rather typically for a member of the Green party – he applies to everyone else, not himself) was found in possession of a large portion of Chrystal Meth. He immediately declared to “step down from all his political offices” and went into hiding, under the pretext of ill health.

Now, six weeks later, it appears that the state prosecutors office has decided to not further investigate the case, allegedly because of Mr. Beck’s “low degree of guilt”. And, due to Mr. Beck’s prolonged absence from public life, which – we insist – is due solely to his health problem, the focus of attention has shifted elsewhere.

Obviously a “small degree of guilt” and a low degree of drug addiction are no good reasons why the Green Party should not assign a new mission to Mr. Beck, who for many years was their “human rights expert”. He held that office until the day on which it transpired that he had lied to the public about one of his publications, in which he had argued in favour of depenalizing sexual relations between adults and children, but which he falsely claimed had been “manipulated by the editor”. This was what caused his first fall from power – but he still retained his seat in the Bundestag. And shortly afterwards he was appointed as expert for interior affairs – in which function he pushed for a liberalization of drug use…

Now, three years and one drug scandal later, he still is in the Bundestag, and is considered worthy to serve as his political group’s speaker on religious affairs and migration.

Which aptly illustrates the Green’s respect for religion and migrants.