And here it is: ILGA-Europe’s secret strategy against the pro-family ECI “Mum Dad & Kids”!

This document was found on the website of a “Gay Rights” lobby group from Northern Ireland, where it had apparently been put without heeding the request of the ILGA strategists to keep it secret:

(you can click on it to enlarge)

Nigra Capture


Several questions come to mind:

  • Has the Commission replied to ILGA’s complaint letter? If so, what?
  • Did Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans, who is known to entertain close links with the homo-lobby, accord them the meeting they requested? If so, what was the outcome? Are there any written records of that meeting?
  • Has the group “Certi Diritti” actually filed a complaint with the CJEU? If so, has this complaint already been communicated to the European Commission?
  • Should the European Commission continue financing 80% of the operative budget of a group that is collecting information on EU citizens with the apparent purpose of a defamatory campaign? Can ILGA’s actions be justified by their spurious claim to be working for “equality and non-discrimination”?