EP Sodomists call for suspension of Lithuania’s membership rights under Art. 7 TEU

The EU is currently in a deep crisis, and with the upcoming Brexit referendum risks losing one of its biggest and economically strongest Member States. At the same time, media report that if such a referendum were to be held in Sweden, the outcome would probably be that most Swedes would vote against EU membership.

But the Brussels bulb continues behaving as if it were a great privilege for everyone to be governed by them – a privilege that can be withdrawn from those who do not “behave well”. If the promoters of sodomy inside the European Parliament – aka the LGBT Intergroup – had their will, the EU would probably have to launch procedures under Article 7 TEU, which may result in a suspension of membership rights, against every second Member State. You may take it for granted that they would want to have such a procedure started against Hungary and Poland sooner rather than later. But their latest victim is Lithuania.

12932610_10153990991077159_3067018313995914942_nIn a letter to Commissioners Jourová and Oettinger the leaders of the Intergroup call on the Commission to challenge, once again, the Lithuanian “Law on the Protection of Minors”, which prohibits propaganda for deviant sexual behaviours in schools and kindergardens to protect children against being recruited and abused by sexual predators. As some will remember, some years ago the European Parliament, at the instigation of the Intergroup, passed a Resolution in which it condemned this law. The Lithuanian Parliament (Simas) reacted by passing a Resolution in which it condemned the EP Resolution, describing it as an “illegal act”. Which indeed it was, because it called for the FRA  (which is known for its homo-ideological bias, but haCaptures no competence to assess Member States’ laws) to investigate the matter.

Although the copy of the letter to the Commissioners, which the Intergroup have put on their Facebook page, is quite illisible, the group states on its FB timeline that it wants an Article7-procedure against Lithuania.

This is certainly going to help stabilizing the faltering EU.