Where is the outcry of the anti-discrimination fanatics?

trimmelLast year we reported about an incident in Vienna in which the owner of a café politely asked to women to continue their French kisses and other expressions of mutual sexual attraction elsewhere than on his premises, as the other visitors of the café were not keen on being witnesses of this exchange  of intimacies. Oh horror, two “LGBT persons” had become the victims of “discrimination”! Obviously, this lead to an outcry of the international LGBT-lobby, the vandalization of the entrance of the café, a concerted protest on Facebook, and a big “kiss-in” (which actually took on quite aggressive forms) right in front of the café. And of course, the usual politicians calling for stricter “anti-discrimination” rules.

This week, the owner of another Vienna Café has put a blackboard outside her entrance, saying: “If you are part of those 35%, why don’t you PLEASE go elsewhere? #rightwingnotwelcome”.

The reference to “those 35%” allude to the landslide victory of Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer in the first round of the presidential elections. The refusal of service this time is not directed against two individuals who behaved in a way that could seem contrary to generally accepted standards of decency, but against more than one third of the adult population.

Now as then, we consider that it must be each entrepreneur’s right to contract, or refuse concluding a contract, with whoever he likes – as long as this does not constitute a misuse of a monopolistic position (which clearly is not the case here). However, we are just wondering: where is the outcry of the anti-discrimination fanatics? Where, for example is MEP Ulrike Lunacek, who in response to last year’s incident flew in all the way from Brussels to protest against the alleged “homophobia” of the café owner? She said then that she was “standing here to call for a Europe-wide anti-discrimination law”.  This time, strangely, we have not heard her part.

Maybe it plays a role that this time the owner of the café claims to have positioned her outlet as “a queer-feminist, anti-racist café, where I don’t want people with right-wing views to enter”?

Which makes us think: the pretended concern of (mostly left-wing) politicians over rampant “discrimination” and “homophobia” should not be taken too seriously. This is mere clientèle policy, focussed on the interest of a rather marginal constituency. But generally it seems that left-wingers want to retain the right to discriminate and harass whomever they like.