It is important that Britain stays in the EU, gay lobby says…

Ben_Howlett,_2015_hustingsA British MP close to the gay lobby has gone public with an article in which he says that one of the main reasons why Britain should remain in the European Union is that the EU is imposing legislation that favours sodomy in Europe and world-wide:

“Indeed, we should point out that domestic legislation is still not good enough in many EU countries. While great progress has been made on discrimination in employment, for example, other countries still differ on issues like same-sex marriage. Groups such as ILGA-Europe are hugely influential in advocating equal rights in all EU countries. It is because of these strong, united voices that we are able to convince the EU to put anti-discrimination at the heart of its agenda – the European Parliament is now pushing to extend legal recognition of same-sex unions to all EU member states, something I am sure we can all agree is long overdue.”


EP: yet another wave of Schulz cronies parachuting into top positions…

parachuteAs POLITICO reports, the European Parliament’s President Martin Schulz has launched yet another plan to reassign several aides from his own cabinet to top administrative roles in the assembly, prompting complaints that he is politicizing what is normally a bureaucratic hiring process. The only possible silver lining to this dark cloud of politicisation of the EP administration and the parachuting of a second wave of Schulz cronies in two years, is that this might signal that Schulz has discovered he can not manage to stay on for a third term.

Sophie in ‘t Veld’s bizarre proposal for a “Rule-of-Law” mechanism

sophie in t veldOne of the reasons the EU is so unpopular with most citizens is that many politicians, mediocre though they may be, once they have made it into one of the EU institutions seem to develop a superiority complex: they believe that they are now somehow superior to all national parliaments and governments, and entitled to control and censure them.

One particularly colourful specimen of this mistaken self-perception is a new initiative, spear-headed by the Dutch Liberal MEP Sophie In ‘t Veld, pushing for “the establishment of an EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights”. Continue reading “Sophie in ‘t Veld’s bizarre proposal for a “Rule-of-Law” mechanism”

Stop distorting democracy, petition tells EU

political ventriloquismThe European Commission and the EU Ombudsman get a lot of mail these days: a petition is asking them to set an end to the funding of the LGBT-lobby group ILGA Europe. The group, which for many years was refused accreditation at the UN due to its links to pedophile networks, gets 70% of its operational budget as a direct grant from the European Commision. This money is used for renting office space, paying salaries, and whatever else ILGA wants to do with it – without any link to any project that is demonstrably in the interest of European citizens. It is, in short, a free gift.

It goes by itself that the political competitors of ILGA, i.e. groups defending the right of children to grow up in a healthy environment consisting of an intact family receive no such support from the Commission.

You may sign here.


Romania: 3 million signatures in support of pro-family constitutional amendment officially registered

f4a5c-coalitiaThe impressive outcome of the popular initiative to amend the Romanian constitution in order to clarify that marriage is between one man and one woman has today officially been registered in the country’s National Assembly. This triggers a legislative procedure to amend the constitution, in the course of which the proposal will have to find the support of 2/3 of the members in both parliamentary chambers. It is anticipated that Romanian politicians will get a lot of pressure from abroad, notably from the EU institutions, to withhold their support for a clarification that enjoys very strong support within the population.

Continue reading “Romania: 3 million signatures in support of pro-family constitutional amendment officially registered”

Switzerland: it remains possible to quote the Bible

Bischof-Huonder-neuThe attempt of an LGBT-pressure group to criminalize the Sacred Scripture (and thus the two religions based on it) has spectacularly failed.The Cantonal Court of the Swiss canton of Graubünden has rejected their appeal against the decision of the State Prosecutor’s office not to follow up on a complaint against Catholic Bishop Vitus Huonder, who had publicly quoted a passage from the Bible that condemns sodomy. Continue reading “Switzerland: it remains possible to quote the Bible”

ILGA discovers: homo-propaganda fails to convince the global public.

jCO3-CW4While – at least in the US and Western Europe – politicians and mass media by now seem to believe and internalize all that the LGBT lobby tells them, the wider public is less easy to brainwash.

This is the result of a global survey that was conducted by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) in partnership with the survey technology company RIWI Corp, among 96,000 people in 53 UN member states. Continue reading “ILGA discovers: homo-propaganda fails to convince the global public.”