Radical sex-ideologue is Ireland’s new Minister for … Children and Youth!

MI+Katherine+Zappone (1)10 weeks after the Irish parliamentary elections in which (EPP) Prime Minister Enda Kenny’s government lost about one third of their seats, Mr Kenny has been reappointed prime minister at the head of a minority government which includes three independent, nonparty, ministers.

One of these, Katherine Zappone, is a militant lesbian long-time LGBT campaigner who played a major role in last year’s referendum on same-sex marriage, after which she was one of the first people in the country to “marry” her same-sex partner.

Ms Zappone has been appointed….Minister for Children and Youth!

Recall that this time round Kenny doesn’t even have the Labour Party in his government as an excuse. His Fine Gael (EPP) party is the only party in the government.

This is the same Enda Kenny who in 2011 announced: “As Taoiseach, I want to do all I can to protect the sacred space of childhood and to restore its innocence.” Now he is entrusting the well-being of all Irish children tothecountry’s most radical promoters of a radical and perverse sexual ideology.