Italy caves in to homo-ideology

483x309With 372 against 51 votes (and 99 abstentions) the Italian Parliament has adopted a law creating the possibility for same-sex couples with perverse sexual inclinations to conclude so-called “civil unions” that are assimilated, albeit not equal, to marriage.

Italy was until now the last major country in Western Europe not to have caved in, in some way or the other, to the demands of the fashionable homo-lobby that society should recognize their sexual perversions as worthy of celebration, legal protection, and possibly fiscal privilege.

The homo-agenda is a high priority for Prime minister Matteo Renzi who, upon assuming his office, gave himself the suitable nickname “il Rottomatore” (i.e., “the scrapper”). Indeed, with laws like this he is destroying the very fundament of any healthy society, dealing Italy a blow from which it will be more difficult to recover than from any other political mistake. Unfortunately, Renzi found reliable support among a considerable number of “useful idiots” among his parliamentary majority who, while clearly understanding the dangerous implications for society, nevertheless have supported the new law in order to preserve their seats in Parliament and Government, consoling themselves with the fact that the new law neither provides for the possibility that same-sex couples adopt children, nor that they use the odious practice of surrogacy to create wannabe “families”. But obviously this is the next reform that Renzi will be pushing for…

Observers are astonished at the weak and confuse statements coming from the Vatican in this context.