ILGA discovers: homo-propaganda fails to convince the global public.

jCO3-CW4While – at least in the US and Western Europe – politicians and mass media by now seem to believe and internalize all that the LGBT lobby tells them, the wider public is less easy to brainwash.

This is the result of a global survey that was conducted by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) in partnership with the survey technology company RIWI Corp, among 96,000 people in 53 UN member states.

(One is tempted to wonder how the lobby is able to fund surveys of such a large scale.)

As the study finds, two-thirds of respondents would be upset if their child told them that they were in love with someone of the same sex. The fact that despite the consistent, and at times brutal, efforts of politics and mass media to re-educate the public such a strong majority not only continues to harbour such feelings, but also has the courage to stand by this position, provides new proof for the reasonability and normality of their intuitive moral judgement.

However, an alarming 28% of respondents globally said they would find it acceptable if a male child always dressed and expressed themselves as a girl. (It is not clear, though, whether they really meant this, or whether they feared they would be reported to the police if they gave any other than the politically correct response.)

A separate report also released by the ILGA on Tuesday finds that in countries where the law places sodomy under criminal sanctions a majority of respondents agree with these laws. Allegedly,  45% of respondents in Africa agreed “being LGBTI should be considered a crime” along with 34% of respondents in Asia, 17% in Europe, 15% in the Americas and 14% in Oceania. (As one notes, the survey appears to suffer from grave methodological flaws, failing to make the necessary distinction between “being LGBTI” and committing sodomy. In actual fact, sodomy is a crime in many countries, whereas “being LGBTI” is not.)

The same study finds that in non-Western countries sodomy is widely viewed as ‘foreign’, ‘decadent’, ‘illness’, ‘due to evil influence from abroad’. When specifically asked whether people felt that same-sex desire was a western phenomenon; 47% of respondents in Africa said yes, 42% in Asia. But respondents in regions with countries typically described as “western” also agreed with the statement – 24% in Europe, 21% in the Americas and 20% in Oceania.

One may conclude that efforts to “export” laws that legalise sodomy gravely undermine the reputation of the US and Europe in all other parts of the world.

As we reported yesterday, even in Sweden the younger generation is beginning to question the absurd sex-ideology holding sway in many Western countries.