Stop distorting democracy, petition tells EU

political ventriloquismThe European Commission and the EU Ombudsman get a lot of mail these days: a petition is asking them to set an end to the funding of the LGBT-lobby group ILGA Europe. The group, which for many years was refused accreditation at the UN due to its links to pedophile networks, gets 70% of its operational budget as a direct grant from the European Commision. This money is used for renting office space, paying salaries, and whatever else ILGA wants to do with it – without any link to any project that is demonstrably in the interest of European citizens. It is, in short, a free gift.

It goes by itself that the political competitors of ILGA, i.e. groups defending the right of children to grow up in a healthy environment consisting of an intact family receive no such support from the Commission.

You may sign here.