How the UK can remain in

big-ben-620x349Supposedly by now many Brits who have cast a “Leave” vote in Thursday´s Brexit referendum are beginning to realize what they have done to their country, and regretting it. The Pound is plummeting, Scotland is announcing plans for another independence referendum, Northern Ireland is looking into tho option of joining the Irish Republic (a scenario with potential for a civil war!), Spain is trying to use the situation to get control over Gibraltar, and Messrs Schulz and Juncker, the two clowns heading the European Parliament and the European Commission, are telling David Cameron that they want to hold his request to leave the EU in their hands by next Tuesday at the latest.

The good news is that the UK is not obliged to take any orders from Schulz and Juncker.
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Once again confirmed: homo-“parenting” and child trade are part of a parcel

CONFERENTIEHomoWensVadersBrusselThe baby-selling industry, which caters for the needs of wealthy homo-couples wishing to play “parents”, is returning to Brussels for the second year in a row to hold a commercial fair entitled “Men having babies”. The event will take place in September at the Hilton Hotel in the city centre, which offers special rates for participants. The website of the organisers claims that this years’ edition will be bigger “given the high demand we had last year”, and from further reading on their website it is clear that to them having a “family”is very much a matter of offer and demand, i.e. that the “right to a child” is held by everyone who is wealthy enough to pay for it. The child is turned into a tradeable good, and human relationships are superseded by a radically commercial logic. Continue reading

Relax – the Brexit referendum isn’t binding anyway

56c1d35ac36188fd058b456eThe outcome of tomorrow’s referendum in the UK seems hardly predictable – but given that every possible outcome, ranging from a clear vote in favour of leaving the EU to a clear outcome in favour of remaining, someone surely will have got it right. If the issue were merely one of economic reasonability, the victory of the ‘Remain’ side could not stand in doubt. But decisions such as this one are usually made on emotional rather than other grounds – and it is a fact that the EU is widely and irredeemably unpopular – in the UK and elsewhere. Continue reading

Austria : it now seems inevitable that the presidential elections will have to be repeated.

hofburg_innen100-_v-promotionThe UK referendum on leaving or remaining in the EU is now just two days away, and according to all forecasts the outcome on this divisive topic is going to be very narrow. Let us just hope that the Brits are more capable than the Austrians to organize a democratic vote. It may be worthwhile for them to follow with close attention the hearing that is currently going on before the Constitutional Court in Vienna. Continue reading

UN bureaucrats and Irish government connive in a plot against unborn children

united-nations-flagThe UN Committee on Civil and Political Rights (CCPR), one of the UN’s so-called treaty monitoring bodies, has once again lived up to its sad reputation of being an ideologically tilted institution that, rather than protecting human rights, seeks to manipulate and distort their meaning in order to lend provide the aura of “legitimacy” to lobby groups and politicians who seek to cancel out the rights of the weak and defenceless.

The latest episode in this regrettable development is the Committee’s legal opinion in a case called Mellet v. Ireland, wherein it makes the spurious claim that the Irish ban on abortion violates several articles of the ICCPR. Why? Because it protects the lives of children prenatally diagnosed with a severe impairment. Continue reading

Radical left makes a new attempt to get surrogacy legalized at PACE

maxresdefaultOn 21 June, Dr. Petra De Sutter, a Belgian transgender senator and gynaecologist specialising in surrogacy and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), will try again to get the Committee on Social Affairs of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) to support the legalization of surrogacy, despite the rejection of his/her previous report in March and his/her clear conflict of interest.

The move flouts the values of the Council of Europe, both through the content of the motion and the pocedure through which it is promoted. Continue reading