Baby murderers claim moral high ground

CaptureThe EU’s notorious Baby-Murder-cum-Sexual-Deviation-Coalition, consisting of the usual six groups (namely Planned Parenthood, ILGA Europe, the European Parliamentary Network on Population and Development, the dissident “Catholics for Choice”, the ultra-feminist fake NGO “European Women’s Lobby”, and the religion-haters from the “European Humanist Federation”), has given itself a new name: “High Ground”.

This self-identification, and the claim to be fighting for “dignity”, is grotesquely inappropriate for a group that includes people who, as their commercial activity, kill innocent babies and sell their body parts for 100 US$ apiece, or who seek to muster political support for such activities. But this is obviously intended… the cynicism appears to have no limits.HighgroundOnce again it becomes visible that baby-murdering, sexual deviance, and religious intolerance go hand in hand and are part of one package.