“Brain-dead” is not dead.

transplantA baby was born in Portugal to a woman who had been brain-dead for almost four months. The boy was delivered in a Lisbon hospital by Caesarean section after 32 weeks, and weighed 2.35kg.

His mother was declared brain-dead on 20 February after a brain haemorrhage. The allegedly “dead” woman thus lived on for 100 days. A dead woman cannot give birth.

The decision to continue with the pregnancy was taken after tests revealed the foetus to be healthy, and after the father agreed it should be allowed to continue.

This case once again shows that “brain-dead” is not dead, but that it is an entirely artificial concept designed to justify the harvesting of organs from severely injured (but nevertheless living) persons for transplantation purposes.

It is highest time to re-consider the legal framework under which organ transplantations take place.