When one homo kills another, it’s a “homophobic hate crime”…

Do you remember the name of David Kato? He was an “LGBT rights activist” from Uganda, who was brutally murdered in 2011. The story was pushed world-wide by mass media who wanted to turn him into an international human rights champion and “martyr” of the LGBT movement. The European Parliament adopted a Resolution specifically to honour him (although of course he was completely unknown to the European public as well as to nearly all MEPs), portraying him as the victim of “homophobia”.

Then it turned out that the murderer was a male call-boy, whose sexual “services” David Kato had taken advantage of, but whom he had refused to pay. It is unclear whether the call-boy was himself homosexuals, or whether he simply was constrained to sell his body to sodomites like David Kato in order to make a living. The European Parliament, however, did not bother to withdraw its ill-founded Resolution.

Now, in the aftermath of the terrorist attack against a gay club in Orlando, Florida, we see a similar campaign unfolding. The mass media are full of statements by LGBT celebrities like Peter Tatchell, claiming that the Orlando shooting “is  an extreme example of what happens every day to LGBT people”. Oh yes, what a nice occasion this incident is for a creepy idiot like Tatchell to associate everyone disagreeing with his peculiar social agenda with terrorism and mass murder! And, as one might have expected, he artfully uses this occasion to fingerpoint “religious people” as the culprits, putting every peaceful Christian believer into the same bag as Islamist terrorists. He then goes on: “I don’t believe faith is a legitimate reason to justify prejudice or discrimination of any kind,… Just as I would strongly oppose any demonisation or persecution of religious people, I think they have a duty to reciprocate this by not endorsing hatred and discrimination against gay people or others.” The hypocrisy is breathtaking: the man claims to “strongly oppose any demonisation or persecution of religious people”, yet in one and the same sentence he does exactly what he pretends to be opposing

As it now turns out, the Orlando killer was a closet homosexual who used gay dating apps and frequented gay bars, according to friends and locals in the city.

A mass murder like in Orlando is fortunately enough, not what “LGBT people are facing every day”. But it is true that LGBT people are statistically more likely to become victims of violent crimes. And in a disproportionately great number of cases the perpetrators are themselves LGBT.

LGBT is a violent sub-culture.