Free speech under threat: Spanish Cardinal under criminal investigation for saying the truth about the gay agenda

Cardinal-696x365The radical homo-lobby, notoriously short of credible arguments to defend its radical agenda, is desperate to prevent a public debate from taking place. It has therefore filed a criminal complaint for alleged “hare speech” against the Archbishop of Valencia, Cardinal Antonio Cañizares, who has said to what everyone knows is the case: “One of the most insidious ideologies in human history and culture is undoubtedly the so-called gender ideology”.

Of course the complaint is completely unfounded. Cardinal Cañizares has simply done what is is duty as a shepherd of souls: he is warning the faithful against a new ideology that is not less dangerous and socially destructive than Nazism and Communism. There is no doubt that the Prosecutor’s office will ultimately dismiss the complaint, just as a similar complaint against a Swiss bishop has recently been dismissed by the judicial authorities in Switzerland.

Nevertheless, the fact that sweeping and imprecise “hate speech” legislation even provides a legal base for such abusive complaints is a reason to worry. Brave shepherds like Cardinal Cañizares will of course not be prevented from saying what needs to be said – but there are many people who might be less courageous. After all, it is always possible that some activist judges might be willing to abuse their powers and bend the laws in order support the radical homo agenda. The way in which judicial activism has paved the way to homo-“marriage” in the United States evidences this point.

If you wish to express your support to Cardinal Cañizares, you can do so here. More than 60.000 have already signed the petition.