Once again confirmed: homo-“parenting” and child trade are part of a parcel

CONFERENTIEHomoWensVadersBrusselThe baby-selling industry, which caters for the needs of wealthy homo-couples wishing to play “parents”, is returning to Brussels for the second year in a row to hold a commercial fair entitled “Men having babies”. The event will take place in September at the Hilton Hotel in the city centre, which offers special rates for participants. The website of the organisers claims that this years’ edition will be bigger “given the high demand we had last year”, and from further reading on their website it is clear that to them having a “family”is very much a matter of offer and demand, i.e. that the “right to a child” is held by everyone who is wealthy enough to pay for it. The child is turned into a tradeable good, and human relationships are superseded by a radically commercial logic.

Among the items on the agenda is the presentation of a “Framework for Ethical Surrogacy” which “already received endorsements from several LGBT family associations worldwide” according to the organisers. A statement that confirms that the lobbies that promote marriage between two persons of the same sex are exactly the same that are also pushing for this abominable new form of human trafficking.

Moreover, “Men having babies” provides financial advice as well as a rating of Surrogacy agencies and clinics where one can find price quotes for surrogacy ranging from 66 000 to 133 000 US$.

To read more about this event you can visit the “Men having babies” website here.