“Respect for human life is widespread in Poland”. Can the same be said of the Council of Europe?

PolandThe Polish government has given an unusually clear reply to  a report published last week by Nils Muižnieks, the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, in which Poland’s murder-restrictive abortion law and its treatment of women were harshly criticized, Stefano Gennarini reports in the Friday Fax.

The Polish government’s response points out that the Commissioner had his facts wrong, that he overstepped the bounds of his mandate, that his report suffers from ideological bias, and that he both misinterpreted Polish law and  the European Convention on Human Rights.

“Polish law in this regard has its sources in the Constitution and is conditioned by a widely shared care of Polish society for the respect for life,” was Poland’s specific response on the issue of abortion. The sub-text is: Nils Muižnieks and the bureaucrats surrounding him are apparently lacking this care fore the most fundamental of all human rights.