According to the US Supreme Court, abortion should be neither safe nor rare

If, as some “liberal” politicians claim, abortion should be “safe, rare, and legal”, then the Texas statute that the US Supreme Court has struck down through yet another of its law-bending judgments, must have been exactly to their taste: in order to guarantee the safety of women seeking abortion, it required abortion clinics to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles.

Abortions in the US often take place under very unsafe conditions, because abortion providers usually do not have the qualifications required for obstetricians. In addition, they perform abortions quickly and carelessly, in order to maximise their profits. The Texas statute sought to ensure that, in case an abortion is botched, the woman can at least quickly be referred to a hospital.

But this was apparently an “undue burden” for abortion providers, whose business model should, according to the 5-3 “liberal” majority of Supreme Court Justices, not be undermined by such considerations. The pro-abortion Justices were particularly preoccupied by the fact that since the admitting privileges requirement took effect, the number of abortion clinics in Texas had declined from 42 to only 19, making abortion not only safe, but also rare.

As some observers write, the Supreme Court even ignored its own rules of procedure in order to allow the plaintiffs to win. Plaintiffs usually are not allowed to bring the same case twice, but in this case they were.

The Court also did not require them to demonstrate that the Texas law actually closed abortion clinics. The abortionists said the new laws would force them to close and that was enough for the ideologues on the Court. No need to provide evidence.

In the world’s remaining super power the Rule of Law is in shambles, and the murdering of unborn children thrives.