Islamic leader wants legal recognition of polygamy

burkalili4Now that same-sex “marriage” has been legalized in a number of Western countries in the name of “equality” and “diversity”, it appears only logical that politicians will soon cede to claims from the Muslim community that polygamy must be legalized as well. With no clear idea about the nature and purpose of marriage in their heads, they will be unable to find any argument that would help them to reject such demands. After all, polygamy has been accepted since the dawn of time in many cultures, and it certainly appears les perverse an idea than the by nature sterile “marriage” of two persons of the same sex.

And by the way, setting a minimum age for marriage surely must be considered arbitrary and, therefore, discriminatory. The Prophet knew better: he got married to a six-year old girl.

If one sexual perversion acquires the status of a right, all others will inevitably follow. Europe would be very well advised to consider this.