Poland moving towards full protection of human life

_91361990_90d68f0a-7463-4e1e-ab5b-9f992cbef91cWith a strong majority the Polish Parliament (Sejm) has in first reading given green light to a bill that, if adopted, would considerably increase the legal protection of unborn human life. The draft would modify Poland’s current law on abortion, allowing terminations only if the mother’s life was at risk, and increasing the maximum jail term for doctors performing illegal abortions from two years to five.

The citizen’s initiative tabled in parliament by the Stop Abortion coalition would also make mothers liable to prison terms, though judges could waive punishment.

Feminist radicals and their allies are furiously opposing the measure, which, as they fear, could become a model to be followed by other countries wishing to ensure full and comprehensive protection of human rights.

Juncker & Schulz: The EU’s Problem, not its Solution

h_51481703Jean-Claude Juncker and Martin Schulz, respectively European Commission and Parliament Presidents, have been repeatedly telling anyone who cares to listen that they alone can save Europe from the problems it currently faces. A damning article in German weekly Der Spiegel, however, concludes the very opposite: Juncker and Schulz are the epitome of the self-serving elite at the very heart of the EU’s  “exisistential crisis”. Continue reading

Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly rejects resolution calling for legalization of surrogacy

maxresdefaultThe radical sexual left in Europe are very clever in pushing their controversial agenda. And when, every now and then, they are defeated, they are skilful in hiding their defeat from the eyes of the public.

This afternoon the Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe issued a press release announcing the adoption by the Assembly’s Committee on Social Affairs of a Recommendation on surrogacy, drafted by the controversial Belgian politician Petra De Sutter. But what the secretariat discreetly omitted was that a far more ambitious draft Resolution by the very same Mr? De Sutter, which pretended to recommend the partial legalization of surrogacy, had been rejected by the same Committee.  Continue reading

Germany: ultra-leftist LGBT politician kills former assistant, then himself

piraten-politiker-gerwald-claus-brunner-ist-totGruesome incident in Berlin: Gerwald Claus-Brunner, a member of the city council, has been found dead in his appartment, next to the dead body of another man. The police investigation has found out that the politician from the extreme-left “Pirate Party” has commited suicide after having killed the other man, who turned out to be his former parliamentary assistant. As it also appears from the investigation, the reason for the murder was that the murderer, a homosexual, had “fallen in love” with his former assistant, but that love  had not been reciprocal.

This is the second time this year that the German public is confronted with the rather bizarre lifestyle of a leading LGBT-politician.

Who Killed Truth in Politics?

https://i2.wp.com/europeanmovement.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Gender-equality2.png A recent cover page of The Economist announced “Art of the lie: Post-truth politics in the age of social media”. Inside the lead article warns darkly of the threat to democracy posed by the notion that “feelings, not facts, are what matter”. The examples used to sustain The Economist’s thesis – Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, the Polish Law and Justice Government, the Brexit ‘Leave’ campaign – leave us in no doubt about who the editor of this liberal newspaper believes is responsible for this threat, the political right. Continue reading