Munich: Administrative Court lifts illegal ban on pro-life counseling

MünchenThe Munich Administrative Court (Verwaltungsgericht München) has lifted an illegal decree by the City Council serving the purpose of preventing pro-lifers from offering free and life-saving counseling in front of an abortion clinic to desperate women on their way to having their pregnancy terminated. The owners of the abortion clinics, upset by this activity because it actually helped to save many unborn children, had used their political connections to make the City Council adopt this ban. However, the Administrative Court not only overturned the illegal measure, but also used to make a clear statement in the form of an obiter dictum: 

“The Right to Life of the unborn child is a self-standing right that does not depend on any “acceptance” on the side of its mother. The state’s duty to protect the unborn child extends to protecting it also against its mother. The termination of a pregnancy must be considered an injustice during the entire duration of the pregnancy, and thus be legally prohibited. The right to life of the unborn child must not be made conditional even for a limited duration of time on the free and unrestrained decision of a third person, even if that third person were the child’s own mother”.