A loud-mouthed midget

jean-asselborn-erkki-tuomiojaLuxembourg’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn has called for the expusion of Hungary from the EU “either on a temporary basis or for ever”, because of the Hungarian Government’s harsh policies to restrict the influx of illegal migrants.

Mr. Asselborn’s grotesquely un-diplomatic statement will very likely give a strong boost to the referendum to be held in Hungary on 2 October, through which the Government calls the population to express its views on the European Commission’s proposal to impose a “refugee quota” on the EU’s Member States, obliging each of them to accept a certain numbers of “refugees” from predominantly Arab and sub-Saharan countries, many of which actually do not want to seek refuge in any other country than Germany. Observers in Budapest had believed that, given the utter unlikelihood for the Commission proposal to ever become reality, participation in the referendum would be too low for it to be valid – but that may have changed now due to the loud-mouthed words from the midget state.

Hungary’s Foreign Minister  Péter Szijjártó has immediately retaliated in kind, describing Mr. Asselborn as a “frustrated clown”.

These are certainly good auspices for the EU’s first post-Brexit summit taking place this week in Bratislava.