Green think-tank: abolish mankind, and the environment will be fine

ReinventingProsperity_cover_FINAL.inddThe “Club of Rome”, a think-tank notorious for its doomsday scenarios, has today released a new report in which it recommends that every woman should be given a reward of US$ 80.000,– on her fiftieth birthday if until then she has given birth to no, or only one, child. The proposal seeks to encourage the use of abortion, contraception, and sterilization in order to drastically reduce fertility rates throughout the world. The 80.000-Dollar-incentive would of course be much more effective in impoverished developing countries than in the saturated societies of the West, where infertile couples can afford to lay out similar sums to buy children from so-called “reproduction clinics”.

One of the logical problems with the idea is that if it were successful, i.e. if all (or nearly all) women accepted the monetary incentive in exchange for not reproducing, there would be no next generation to take care of them once they get elderly and sick.

But the underlying ideology of the “Club of Rome” is very simple to summarize: if there were no human beings living on it, the Earth would be ok. In other words, “the environment” is more important than mankind.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the apparent insanity of the ideology it promotes, the “Club of Rome” is highly influential among Green and Marxist politicians and media people.