Norway: “Child welfare” agency destroys thousands of families every year…

posters_7_500x354While it is still available online, you should not miss out on this report by the German/French TV chain ArteTV on Norway’s controversial “Barnevernet, a government agency that every year destroys thousands of families, taking children away from their parents on the basis of the flimsiest accusations.

BBC has a similar story here.

The international public became aware of Barnevernet’s sinister activities when the agency began to target families of foreign origin, such as the Bodnariu Family from Romania, whose five children were sequestrated from their parents and placed in foster care in 2015.

As it appears, even the smallest “misdemeanors” of a parent can suffice for the children being forcibly taken away from home. And perhaps the “misdemeanor” can simply consist in the failure to adhere to the social and cultural “values” of Norway, a country that for many decades has been solidly held in the grip of “Social Democrats”. The underlying ideology is that every child has the right to a “perfect” childhood, and the state can intervene at any time if the parents are not “perfect” according to it’s standards.

“Child welfare” is a pretext often used by politicians seeking to undermine and destroy the family, even if not all of them are quite as radical as Barnevernet.