Commissioner Oettinger for European values, against “compulsory” sodo-marriage


In Slovakia, democracy functions best when the electorate remains un-informed

SlovakiaOne of the primary pre-conditions for the good functioning of a democracy is that citizens can inform themselves about the opinions and positions of those running for electoral office. This is recognized and accepted in all democracies worldwide … with the sole exception, it appears, of Slovakia.

The State Electoral Commission has confirmed a decision of the Ministry of the Interior, according which the pro-family NGO “Aliancia za rodinu” (Alliance for the Family) is obliged to pay a fine of 3.000 Euro for having asked all the candidates in last year’s parliamentary elections about their stance on various family-related issues and then published the results of the survey. Continue reading “In Slovakia, democracy functions best when the electorate remains un-informed”

North Korea or Northern Ireland???

In the so-called Asher’s Bakery case, an appeals court in North Koreaern Ireland has upheld a judgment in which a baker has been condemned to a life-long prison sentence hefty fine for refusing to bake a cake with the words SUPPORT OUR GREAT LEADER KIM JONG-IL SAME-SEX MARRIAGE written on it. The court found the baker guilty of having discriminated his client, a member of the country’s Communist Party  an LGBT pressure group, on the basis of political sexual orientation.

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New study confirms: HIV/AIDS became a global threat thanks to sodomy

For a long time a homosexual Air Canada flight attendant named Gaëtan Dugas was considered to have been the first known patient to have suffered from AIDS – and suspected to have deliberately spread the new disease through his irresponsible sex life.

A new study, published in the latest edition of “Nature”, somewhat corrects this perception. Apparently Mr. Dugas was not “Patient zero”, but “Patient 057”, i.e. the fifty-seventh person to have been diagnosed with the disease, which seems to have made its first appearance in the U.S already some years earlier. Continue reading “New study confirms: HIV/AIDS became a global threat thanks to sodomy”

WHO to re-define “infertility”???

sqzr8Strange things seem to be going on at the World Health Organization (WHO).

As one can read in the Telegraph, the organization is planning to make an announcement according which single men and women without medical issues will be classed as “infertile” if they do not have children but want to become a parent.

Through this move, the UN Agency specialized on health issues would dramatically change the definition of “infertility”, transforming it from a medical condition into a social status. Continue reading “WHO to re-define “infertility”???”

Clinton covers up Chinese crimes against humanity

In the third and final televised debate for the US Presidency (full transcript here), the subject of abortion was on the table. Republican candidate Donald Trump claimed to be pro-life, while Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton stuck by her long-standing support for one of the most evil organisations on the planet, industrial-scale abortion provider Planned Parenthood. Clinton went further by seeking to cover up the forced abortion regime of communist China. Continue reading “Clinton covers up Chinese crimes against humanity”

Wallonian Parliament seeks to stop dumping of human remains tiny southern Belgian region of Wallonia has made world headlines for blocking a trade deal between the EU and Canada, concerning 545 million potential beneficiaries. On 9 November 2016 the regional Walloon Parliament in Namur will be debating a much more local issue, how to decendly dispose of the ashes of the 15,000 Walloons who are cremated each year. In the unparalleled complexity of the Belgian federal set-up, legislation on funerals, cremation and burials are deemed a “regional competence”. Continue reading “Wallonian Parliament seeks to stop dumping of human remains”