Abortion on the EP agenda…again!


Once again the European Parliament demonstrates its contempt for the rule of law when it comes to the issue of abortion. This time MEPs are all worked up about the proposed changes to the Polish law on abortion. They claim, wrongly, that the proposal to completely ban abortion would infringe ‘fundamental rights’. Neither the EU treaties, nor its Charter of Fundamental Rights, nor indeed any binding international document recognise a ‘right’ to abortion.

A number of MEPs took part in a protest last week in Warsaw against the proposed revision of Poland’s abortion law currently before its parliament following a citizens’ initiative requesting the change which collected almost a half million signatures. Within the Polish parliament, and Polish society in general, there is overwhelming support for revision of the law so as to guarantee full protection to the life of all unborn children, regardless of how they were conceived, or whether they may be handicapped.

German and Belgian feminist MEPs protesting in Warsaw do not appear to care much for how democracy works. Maria Arena, a Belgian socialist member of the EP Women’s Rights Committee, claims hysterically that the changes to the Polish law “threaten women’s health, their fundamental rights and basic human dignity.” Somebody should inform Ms Arena that abortion procedures are actually a risk to maternal health and that Ireland, which has a complete ban on abortion, has a maternal mortality rate 50% of its neighbour the UK where there is abortion on demand. As an MEP, Ms Arena would also be well advised to read the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, particularly the first few articles where it is stated that everyone (including unborn children) has the right to life, and that there should be a prohibition of eugenic practices (such as permitted under the current Polish abortion law).

Fellow socialist and feminist, German MEP Birgit Sippel, a member of the EP’s Civil Liberties Committee was also in Warsaw to show her contempt for Polish democracy. In a classic example of Orwellian ‘newspeak’, Ms Sippel states: “We are here this weekend to show our support for Polish citizens, for civil society and for democracy”, while at the same time trampling on the democratic process and displaying contempt for Polish civil society, at whose initiative this legislative proposal is before their parliament.

No doubt Ms Arena and Ms Sippel will take part in a European Parliament debate in Strasbourg on Wednesday 5 October on the proposed changes to the Polish abortion law. The current law, introduced by the newly-democratic Polish Government in 1992, has ensured that ‘only’ about 2000 unborn Polish children may be legally killed each year, compared to the millions slaughtered during the communist regime when there was abortion on demand. In their eagerness to turn back the clock to those totalitarian days and see more Polish unborn children killed, these militant feminists would be well advised to read the Lisbon Treaty which is the legal basis for MEPs’ own powers. There they would find that the EU has absolutely now power to interfere with Member States on the issue of abortion. But such MEPs do not seem to care much for the Rule of Law.