Russia: total abortion ban?

While feminist children haters and anti-life zealots from all over the welt are in full rage about the Polish Sejm having accepted, with a large majority, to give consideration to a civic bill calling for a (nearly) total ban on abortion in Poland, there is more bad news for them coming from further east. After nearly a century of Communist state-sponsored, unrestricted abortion, more than 300,000 Russian citizens, including Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and President Putin’s newly appointed Children’s Rights ombudsman, have signed a petition calling for “the end of legal murder of children before birth,” a complete ban on abortion throughout the country. The petition organizers’ goal is one million signatories to take the petition to Putin himself.

Patriarch Kirill, leader of the nation’s 150,000,000 Orthodox Christians, signed the petition, ging an archpastoral blessing to the petition organizers and calling abortion “a national catastrophe” that kills “more than one million of our fellow citizens every year.”

The Soviet Union was the first country in the world to legalize abortion on demand in 1923.

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