The Culture of Death scores a victory

921b3fa9-7797-40f4-bd84-6045ab3b5fd8_v0_hA sad day for the pro-life movement in Poland and Europe: today the Polish Sejm rejected the civic bill brought forward by the citizens’ committee “Stop Aborcji”, which would have restricted abortion only to the cases where it is ethically justifiable, namely in the case of a risk of life of the mother. In doing so, the politicians overruled an initiative based on solid ethical and legal argument that had been  promoted by thoughtful citizens, and instead chose to give in, in a rather cowardly manner, to the noise made by a fanaticised crowd that offered no arguments at all, but instead simply exhibited hatred and disrespect. Hatred against the organisers of the petition and the Catholic Church, which was expressed e.g. through slogans like “F*** ***, Fanatics” and blatant disrespect for the law, which manifested itself in the waving of coat hangers made of wire, an implement often used for illegal abortions.  Apparently the intended message was: we will go on killing babies anyway, whether it is legal or not. As if that were an argument for keeping abortion legal.

Sadly, for now the jeering hooligans have won over the thoughtful citizens.It will remain possible in Poland, as in most other European countries, to kill human beings solely on the grounds that they are (suspected to) suffer from a handicap, or because they have been conceived through a rape. In other words, the opponents of the intended abortion reform are the proponents of the most radical form of discrimination on the grounds of handicap and/or origin.

It is absurd, but true, that the supporters of this radical discrimination find their strongest support among politicians especially from leftist and “liberal” parties who pretend to “fight against all forms of discrimination”. This is of course pure hypocrisy: being pro-abortion is the quintessential discriminatory attitude. There is no worse discrimination than abortion.

Typical for the “Culture of Death”: it has no argument, but uses silly slogans and insultory graphics. Should this attitude be allowed to prevail?

On the other hand however, if there is something positive in yesterday’s manifestation, it is that the complete lack of arguments, and the essentially violent nature of the pro-abortion lobby has once again become apparent. For the majority party in the Sejm, the national-conservative Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, the time has come where it must make a very clear decision: does it want to go along, for reasons of mere political opportunism, with what Pope John Paul II aptly described as the “Culture of Death” (which, quite aptly, was embodied in yesterday’s manifestations through women dressed in black and brandishing implements used for murder), or does it want to fight for a Culture of Life? If the latter, it must now come forward, within the shortest delay, with a legislative proposal of its own that will at least significantly restrict the practice of abortion.