Lewd language in public life

imageNo decent citizen could possibly condone that kind of lewd language used by Donald Trump during his, as he called it, “locker room banter” with Billy Bush in 2005 and recently published by the Washington Post. Even though these obscenities where uttered in private conversation, they reveal a very crude and vulgar personality, the kind of which is not worthy of holding high public office.

The problem with the moral outrage expressed by figures from the liberal media, academia and Hollywood, is that it smacks of unbelievable hypocrisy. These are the same people who cry blue murder whenever there are calls for decency in literature, music, television or the movies. For these types, pornography is simply a question of “freedom of choice”; obscene lyrics in rap songs are described as “artistic expression”.

Anybody who dares to suggest that daytime television would be better off banning four-letter swear words and scenes of sexual depravity, is attacked as a “fascist “. But, when it serves the cause of eliminating the distasteful Donald Trump from the political scene, then prudery and moral indignation are miraculously temporarily justified – a classic example of the amoral approach to politics and public life where the end justifies the means.

Perhaps the best illustration of this completely cynical attitude was the reaction to the vile outburst by Hollywood actor Robert DeNiro. In his hate-filled attack, Mr De Niro called the Republican presidential candidate a pig, a dog, and idiot and much more. He even went on to say that he would like to punch Mr Trump in the face. The reaction of the same liberal media to these obscenities and incitement to violence? The widest possible coverage, so as to spread the smears and abuse, but not one word of criticism…