Prominent Green politicians discover: “LGBT is totalitarian”

befreundet-aber-in-der-fluechtlingsfrage-ueber-kreuz-die-305120It is well known that LGBT activists use name-calling as their preferred strategy: everybody who dares oppose, or is found not to be sufficiently supportive of, their radical agenda, is vilified as a “homophobe”.

The latest victims of this name-calling are two prominent Green politicians from Germany.

One is the Prime Minister of Baden Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, who in an op-ed for the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” analysed the reasons for the surge in electoral support for “right-wing populists” (i.e., the Alternative für Deutschland, AfD) and the reasons for the dwindling fortunes of the political left (i.e., SPD, Die Grünen, Die Linke). In doing so, he noted that apparently citizenswere increasingly tired of what he described as the “cultural hegemony of the Greens”, that is the fact that a very small group of narrow-minded ideologues is allowed to trumpet its opinions in all the mass media, whereas all other opinions are shut out from the public debate. As Mr. Kretschman noted, LGBT issues are the case in point – and he concluded:  “The classical marriage (viz. between one man and one woman) is and remains the preferred life-form of most Germans – and this is just good as it is”.

This rendez-vous with reality caused uproar in the LGBT lobby, all the more so because some suspected that Mr. Kretschmann was mockingly mimicking the words of the former Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, when the latter came out as a homo-pervert, saying: “I am gay and that is good as it is”. Angry gays called for Kretschmann to resign immediately, and indeed managed to get him publish a statement in which he said that despite his statement he was still a supporter of legalizing same-sex “marriages”.

palmerBut while LGBT-activists were still whining about Kretschmann’s statement, another prominent Green politician, Boris Palmer, Mayor of the city of Tübingen, came to Kretschmann’s support, describing his fanaticized critics as “intolerant Jacobins”. This immediatly diverted the attention of the LGBT-lobby away from Mr. Kretschmann and to himself. Mr. Palmer had provoked the lobby’s anger already last year, when he told them that “not everyone who opposes same-sex ‘marriage’ or homo-adoption is a homophobe”.

palmer-2But for, the self-defined “voice of the homo-lobby”, the case is clear: “Whoever says such a thing must himself be homophobe…”

Palmer retaliated: “The public discourse of the homo-lobby is structurally totalitarian.”

He is not the first to discover it, and probably will not be the last one.

Meanwhile, other media are discovering the funny aspects of this Green/LGBT culture war. As the newspaper “Die Welt” comments, “the Greens are once again the cutting edge of social policies in Germany: they are seriously proposing to legalize heterosexual marriage!!!”