Dutch government plans “euthanasia” for healthy adults

pirat-commitment-to-excellence-4321bThe Netherlands remain one of the world’s uncontested leaders in promoting the Culture of Death. The newest achievement is a legislative bill that, if adopted, would legalize euthanasia for people who feel they have “completed life” but are not terminally ill, the Dutch government announced this week. 

The Netherlands was the first country in the world to legalize euthanasia, in 2002, but only for patients who were considered to be suffering “unbearable pain with no hope of a cure.”

As it now turns out, this was just the first step in introducing a culture of suicide into a suicidal society. As the Duch government let know with regard to the new bill, details remain to be worked out, but the intended effect of the bill would be that people who “have a well-considered opinion that their life is complete, must, under strict and careful criteria, be allowed to finish that life in a manner dignified for them.” “Strict” and “careful” are, in this context, the sedative language that will be used to camouflage the fact that there will be no control whatsoever. In actual fact it hardly seemspossible to even imagine a criterion that could reasonably be used to distinguish those who would have the “right” to euthanasia from thoe who have not, once this bizarre proposal would become law. Is anyone seriously expecting a judge or public servant to say “no, Sir, your life is not yet sufficiently ‘complete’ for you to be admitted to euthanasia”?

Given that people who actually want to commit suicide can hardly be kept from doing so, the new bill’s true purpose appears to be to cajole doctors and health staff with objections of conscience, and in particular those with a Christian background, into delivering death to healthy people.

Disgusting and insane.

The Netherlands was also the first country world-wide to legally recognize sodo-“marriages”, and it is one of the big sponsors of the EU’s sodomy lobby, ILGA Europe. Death and perversion go hand in hand.